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The Cay
Updated: 3/28/2019
The Cay
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  • Exposition
  • We need to go back to America.
  • War broke out on our island.
  • I do not want to leave!
  • Rising action
  • I am blind and stuck on a raft with a black man! I hate him!
  • Rising action
  • "Neither of us had felt so good since we had been on the Hato"
  • You will always be my friend Phil-eep
  • War had broken on Phillips island. His mother believed that moving back to the mainland would be safer or Phillip. However when on the trip back his boat sinks. Being "Torpedoed at three o'clock in the morning on April 6, 1942." His mother ends up on a life boat. He ends up on a raft with Timothy, a black man.
  • Climax
  • Now I am all alone with no one else! Timothy is dead!
  • The boat that Phillip was riding on got torpedo. He ended up on a raft with Timothy. However one day he wakes up and (the pain)"It had gone away but left me blind." He gets very upset and hits at Timothy. He also gets upset at his situation and that he is stuck only with Timothy.
  • Falling action
  • After Timothy and Phillip find an island they have an argument. Phillip apologies and so does Timothy. It then rains, and Phillip thinks that "Neither of us had felt so good since we had been on the Hato." The rain has symbolism. It symbolizes washing away past arguments.
  • Resolution
  • After Timothy and Phillip make up a hurricane hits the island. Phillip Survives the hurricane and so does Timothy. However after the storm Timothy falls asleep but dies in his sleep. This changes the way that Phillip must live and he has to survive by himself with the fish hooks that Timothy had made. Phillip starts to explore the beach.
  • When Phillip is exploring the beach he accidentally comes to close to a birds nest. The birds attack him and he "Lashed out at it with my cane." This shows Phillip is growing more mature. because he used to just run and hide from his problems but now he is facing them head on.
  • CAW!
  • CAW!
  • MEOW!
  • CAW!
  • SQUAK!
  • Phillip is eventually saved by a navy ship after being alone on an the island for nearly a week. When the officer comes back from getting Timothy's knife he is very impressed. He says that " You won't believe what's up there." This shows that he did very good when surviving by himself.
  • Yes.
  • Are you blind?
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