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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story
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  • You're on the bus with your soccer team on the way to a soccer game. Your soccer teammate, Chad, offers you some beer. You have never had alcohol before and decide to weigh your options.
  • OPTION 1:You could accept the drink from Chad
  • OPTION 2:You could refuse the drink Chad is offering
  • OPTION 3:You could refuse the drink from Chad and anonomously tell the coach that someone in the bus has alcohol
  • INTERNAL INFLUENCE:You are new to the team and want to feel accepted. You hope that refusing the drink won't affect your social status on the team!
  • EXTERNAL INFLUENCE:Chad is pressuring you. He's telling you that just one drink won't affect you much and will "loosen you up a bit". Your parents and coach constantly warn you that drugs and alcohol are bad and you shouldn't do them. What to do?
  • Positives:If you refused the alcohol, you would avoid all legal and health consequences related to alcohol. If you accepted, you would seem "cool" in front of your teammate. If you told the coach, it would benefit the well-being of your teammates.
  • Negatives: If you refused the alcohol or told the coach, you might be socially shunned. If you accepted the alcohol, you could suffer the health and legal consequences of underaged drinking.
  • You decide to go with option 3... refusing the drink and then anonymously writing a note to the coach letting him know that someone on the bus has alcohol. The coach confiscated the alcohol from Chad and he is no longer allowed to play. Chad now he has the help and resources he needs to get better.
  • As you look back over your decision, you decide that it was for the best. You do some research and find that teens who start drinking before age 15 years are 5 times more likely to develop alcohol dependence or abuse later in life than those who begin drinking at or after the legal age of 21. Reporting the alcohol to coach and helping Chad get support for his alcohol probably decreased Chad's chances of becoming an alcoholic. During your research you also find that teens who drink heavily are three times more likely to try and hurt themselves (self-harm, attempt suicide etc.) than those who don't. Not to mention, consuming alcohol under the age of 21 is completely illegal and can get you in a bunch of trouble. Good thing you got out of that situation safe and in time to help Chad!
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