Updated: 1/23/2020
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  • Psyche is the most beautiful woman in Greece. Nobody will marry her however, they think she is out of their league.
  • Nobody will marry me, I'm too pretty!
  • Your sisters got married, why can't you?
  • Go make her love someone hideous!
  • Venus is extremely jealous of her. Nobody goes to her altars anymore, so she sends her son Cupid to fix the problem.
  • I can do it
  • Mother must never find out..
  • Cupid falls in love with her and takes her away to be his wife. She must not know that she married a god however, so she is forbidden from looking at him.
  • You must never see me.
  • I love you thank you for marrying me!
  • Psyche breaks his trust and looks at him. Cupid says there can be no love without trust and leaves her.
  • She does not trust me I must flee.
  • There can be no love without trust!
  • My sisters warned me. I must know what you look like.
  • I'll sort these seeds if it means I can see my love again!!!
  • Psyche begs Venus to let her see Cupid again. Venus gives her a series of tasks to prove her love for her son.
  • You'll have to prove you love him!
  • how is she doing it so fast??
  • Cupid forgives Psyche and grants her immortality so they could be together again. They live happily ever after!
  • I'll never doubt you again!
  • I've missed you so much!!
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