BDA Farm

Updated: 6/29/2020
BDA Farm

Storyboard Text

  • Open: Generic Ranch
  • Factory Farm
  • Row Crops
  • narration: most bovine raised for beef in the US begin their lives on pasture, usually continuously grazing the same area
  • BDA Pasture: farmer in field
  • muddy feedlot, narrated explanation of those cows going to grain finishing operations and feedlot waste
  • Sheep
  • cut to tractor spraying pesticides on cornnarration: it takes a lot of chemicals and resources to produce the annual grains fed to cows in feedlots
  • Closing
  • narration: at BDA, we finish our cows on pasture, so they are never confined. By employing rotational grazing and no-till seeding, we can produce a high quality, pasture-raised beef
  • sheep grazing, narration: with the same careful planning and regenerative practices, we can produce delicious grass-finished lamb as well!
  • Farmers market scene: customer happily buying product. Information about ordering.