Fractions to Percentages Comic

Updated: 5/19/2020
Fractions to Percentages Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Class, today we learn to make fractions into percent-kschzzzzzz
  • Oh no! The internet cut out just before the teacher told us what to do!
  • I’d better ask Dad to help me.
  • A fraction can be turned into a division problem. Six twelfths is six divided by twelve.
  • Do you know what six divided by twelve is?
  • Well, if you use division with decimals, it’s 0.5.
  • Righty-o, son!
  • That’s 0.50. But how does that help?
  • Now add a zero to get that decimal to a hundredth, or round it to the nearest one.
  • Thank you, Dad. Now I understand how to do my homework!
  • Because 0.50 is also 50 percent! Good work, son.