Perseus and Medusa

Updated: 5/22/2020
Perseus and Medusa

Storyboard Text

  • It is our pleasure!
  • Thank you Dictys
  • You need to be humble.
  • Again, old man you forget for I am better than you will ever be
  • King Polydectes!
  • Brother, you have no right to be here.
  • When I have every right to be here, more then you actually.
  • AH, you are King Polydectes the cruel king ,I am not so much as sorry to refuse your offer.
  • Later That Evening...
  • Will you marry me? Pleeeaaaase?
  • Ah, boy you know you are very great at your games and you are like a fireball to an old horseshoe, you are an inspiration and why leave it here when the world needs you a hero you could be!
  • But I cannot be a hero.
  • Oh but you can. Go and cut off the head of the head the Gorgon Medusa