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Personal Writing History
Updated: 8/25/2020
Personal Writing History
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  • Childhood
  • Secondary Education
  • College Years/In Five Years
  • one teacher that stands out in my memory of being a compassionate advocate for students is my elementary school Art teacher. Even though she was an Art teacher and not an ELAR teacher, I learned how to be a better writer in her class. She would implement lessons in which the students would read about an artist and be quizzed on how much we retained about the artist. The quizzes were open ended, and we could write as much as we wanted so long as we surpassed the minimum number of sentences required. This improved my power of social necessity, because these quizzes helped me remember details about past readings.
  • Sometime in Junior high school, I joined UIL Spelling. This activity most definitely helped improve my skills in spelling obviously. More than that, UIL Spelling helped me understand the importance of spelling words correctly so whomever is reading my writing can concisely understand what I wrote. This also helped my social necessity power by improving my organization and helping me hone my communication skills through writing.
  • during my time in college, one of my English professors helped me improve my writing greatly. Before my course with that professor, I had never received as much detailed feedback on my writing. Mainly because prior to that class, I had only taken freshman level courses. Receiving so much constructive criticism helped me improve my writing through improving my economic power. For example, I learned how to not lose my point through unnecessary details. In five years, I want my classroom to be one where students can express themselves through their writing. I would like to implement open ended essay questions, and a mix of e-text and tactile reading assignments.
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