Weightless Part 3

Updated: 11/7/2020
Weightless Part 3

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  • The Classes
  • Fighting Class
  • The Cave
  • The Dragons
  • Before Evana and her team could find their dragons, they had to have a round of lessons. Their instructors for fighting were a couple a few years older than them. The girl, Amara, was nice, but Jacob was cold and stone-faced, not unlike Ethan. For History (of both humans and dragons) they had a middle-aged man called Professor Grumphob. He really loved history. After a week, though, they were ready to visit Dragon Cave.
  • The Breach
  • Attention all students. The Academy has been breached. Stay in your dorms.
  • The cave was enchanting, with crystals and lights, but the most shocking things were the dragons. 50 or more of them, each with their own ability. One could cloak itself, another make itself black-and white. One's roar was so loud it shook the rocks. And one shined. It shined as though it was flying through the clouds at the break of dawn. Evana supposed that was why it was called a dawnwing. Her dragon was thought to be extinct.
  • The Pier
  • Evana and her team had their dragons, and they were ready for some real training, sparring matched with other groups, lessons from high ranking dragon riders, learning about their specific breed. Evana was still stared at in the hall because of her mage parents. Ethan was still silent. Jacob was tough as ever. Her eyes had just flashed bright green again. And this time, someone did notice it.
  • The Mermaids
  • Training had been going well for Team Dawnwing, even better now that they actually had a Dawnwing on their team. The Dawnwing was the rarest dragon there was. Ethan's dragon, very similar to hers, was called a Duskwing, and was endangered as well. Soralla, who asked them to call her Sora's dragon was called the Earth-bender. Alex's was the RedRain. Griffin's was the Tortured Death. Not pleasant. As the fast friends (bar Ethan) relaxed in their room, an announcement came on. "The Academy has been breached. Do not leave your rooms."
  • A few hours later, the team was ready, dressed in black. It was very dark outside, the sunset almost over. Team Dawnwing, disregarding the rules the announcement had given, snuck down to the pier. But as they went, one by one, the students disappeared, with nothing more than a short scream to let the rest know that they were gone. Soon, only Ethan and Evana were left. The two crept carefully down to the water, and were suddenly pulled into the icy depths.
  • As Evana and Ethan were pulled into the sea, they figured out something extraordinary - they could breathe! Finally, the rushing chill subsided, and they could clearly see where they were. Standing in front of a mermaid palace! They'd always known mermaids existed, but had never seen one before because the group was secretive. But the mermaids didn't want to fight, just give them a warning: "Do not interfere too deeply in the affairs of the Academy. Of course, if you want to save the dragons, then you must, and make sure not to journey to the secret room. " Evana immediately realized that the mermaids were giving them a choice, and telling them that if they wanted to save the dragons, to find the secret room. Then the mermaids sent them back up, and they left the sea with new allies.