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Beginning of New Government Part 2
Updated: 3/26/2019
Beginning of New Government Part 2
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  • Jay Treaty
  • You will fight with Britain for as long as your country continues to trade with France.
  • Free me!
  • Washington's Farewell Speech
  • I am afraid to say that my time as president has come to an end.
  • Development of Political Parties
  • I support the donkey
  • Democrat 
  • I support the elephant
  • Republican
  • During the French Revolution, the U.S continued trade with France which angered the British, so they began to take impressment of American sailors. In order to try to mend issues with Britain, Washington sent John Jay to London to negotiate terms which led to the Jay Treaty.
  • XYZ Affair
  • We demand 250,000 dollars
  • On March fourth, 1797, George Washington retired from his job as president. In his farewell address he left three pieces of advice to future presidents; the president shouldn't serve more than two terms, avoid conflict between factions, and avoid conflict in Europe.
  • Alien and Sedition Acts
  • Alien and Sedition Acts -John Adams
  • There are two major types of political parties: Democrats and Republicans. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton played an important role in the making of these political parties. Many people disagreed on different things when it came to politics such as being for or against a national bank. These arguments eventually led to the making of two political parties.
  • Midnight Appointments
  • President John Adams sent a mission to France in order to sort out issues. When the American delegates arrived in France, they met "X Y and Z" who were three French agents that demanded $250,000. Americans strongly disagreed with this and demanded war, but Adams refused to declare war on France because he wanted to remain allies.
  • $
  • The Alien and Sedition Acts were created in order to maintain a safer Nation from such things like terrorism. With these acts, the president has authorization to deport any resident alien considered dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States.
  • In the election of 1800, the Federalist's power was annihilated. They lost both houses of congress and Thomas Jefferson won the presidency. Before leaving office, John Adams attempted to pack the court system with as many Federalist judges that he could.
  • How dare you steal our power in Congress
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