Updated: 3/24/2020

Storyboard Text

  • January 1933
  • You are now Chancellor
  • August 1934
  • MUAHAHA I am the almighty
  • Wow...
  • December 1934
  • Juden
  • Hitler appointed Chancellor.Hitler passed the law of making the Nazi party the only legal political party in Germany . Braun and the other fellow members of the Nazi Party became the government and the other parties .
  • 9 November 1938
  • They are Jews, KILL THEM
  • Hitler became Fuehrer and merged his power through the Reichstag fire and the Enabling Act in 1933 and also the death of President Hinderburg in 1934 . Braun was amazed by how much power Hitler had and what Braun could get from it .
  • 11 November 1938
  • I am so dead
  • M-my only employee is part of your government, he is Braun
  • SPEAK!
  • (After Hitler got into power) The poor bakery Braun initially worked at became popular and the Jewish baker became rich due to the great depression that caused a great economy downfall. Braun was afraid Hitler may find out about the bakery as it was marked "Juden"
  • 11 November 1938
  • Please do not catch me
  • Kristallancht AKA Night of the broken glass. Many Jews killed through the Pogrom against the Jews by the SA
  • Nazis saw the rich Jewish baker trying to run away but unfortunately got caught and was brought to Hitler . Hitler wanted to know who he knew and wanted to kill him along with them . The Jewish baker exposed Braun as he was the only employee he had . Braun overheard Hitler and knew he was in trouble .
  • Braun packed up his bag and ran out of Germany to hide from Hitler .