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Cask of Amontillado
Updated: 11/19/2019
Cask of Amontillado
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Storyboard Text

  • Nither?"Nither" I replied "How long have you had your cough"
  • *cough, cough* "Enough... the cough is mere nothing. "
  • "Come....we will go back; your health is precious...."
  • "I drink to the buried that repose around us"
  • "And I to your long life "
  • This scene uses an eye level camera to make the scene more natural; The scene also uses low key lighting to create a more dramatic look; There is a Two Shot to coney a conversation
  • "You are not of Masons"
  • "You a mason, impossible"
  • "Yes, yes, yes, yes"
  • This scene uses a Close-Up to show Fortunato's emotion in this shot; Zoom is being used on Fortunato to convey the difference in perspective; The lighting that was used is low key to show more mystery
  • "A sign"
  • "It is this"
  • This scene uses a long shot to show their whole bodies; The angle thats being used is a high angle to show how weak Fortunato is; The scene uses side lighting to coney dramatic affect
  • " For the love of God Montresor"
  • " Yes for the love of God"
  • Two shot is being used to show the conversation between the characters; The lighting that was used was low key to show confusion; Eye level was used to show a natural look.
  • Long Shot is being used to show both people; Eye Level is being used to show a natural look; Low Key lighting is being showed to convey the tension between the both of them
  • This scene uses bottom lighting to show terror; Low Angle was used to show how powerful Montresor is; Extreme close up is also being used to the emotion
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