inspiring sports story
Updated: 4/1/2021
inspiring sports story

Storyboard Text

  • we lost another game
  • hey the coach blew his whistle
  • I bet it is important
  • Guys we may have lost another game but we were only 2 points away I know you can do better I can not wait to see you win out there.1 2 3 Go Green bears
  • the green bears have lost another game of soccer by 2 points
  • you know what i kind of feel better
  • me too
  • but then the soccer coach blew his whistle so then they rushed to hear the news
  • then the coach gave an invigorating speach to make the team members to feel beter
  • 123 go green bears!
  • After that the team members were exited and ready to play again after a quick break
  • 10 minutes later. 20 seconds left on the clock both tied 2 by 2. a team member quicky passed the ball and he got it dribbling the ball then he kicked and scored the wining point
  • the green bears have won against the purple horses and the team did their cheer and went home exited for another game