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Macbeth Storyboard
Updated: 5/22/2020
Macbeth Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • All hail Macbeth! Hail to you, thane of Glamis! 
  • All hail Macbeth! Hail to you, thane of Cawdor
  • All hail Macbeth, the future King!
  • Glamis tho art, and Cawdor; and shalt be what thou art promised. Yet do i fear thy nature; it is too o' th' milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way: thou wouldst be great art not without ambition, but without illness should attend it. What thou wouldst highly, that wouldst thou holily; wouldst not play false, and yet wouldst wrongly win. Thou'ld’st have, great Glamis, that which cries, “Thus thou must do,” if thou have it, and that which rather thou dost fear to do, than wishest should be undone. Hie thee hither, that I may pour my spirits in thine ear and chastise with the valor of my tongue all that impedes thee from the golden round, which fate and metaphysical aid doth seem to have thee crowned withal.
  • Banquo and Macbeth are coming back from war when they suddenly come across these three witches speaking about each others prophecy. Macbeth contemplates on what he should do next now that he is the new Thane of Cawdor.
  • Lady Macbeth, Macbeths wife, is in her husbands castle while she receives a note from Macbeth and proceeds to read it aloud. It talks about how he encountered the three witches and what they were saying about some sort of prophecy.
  • Lady Macbeth returns to her bedroom after reading the note and sees Macbeth in the room and daggers placed in his hands with the kings blood on it. She is shocked
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