The Black Cat

Updated: 5/20/2020
The Black Cat

Storyboard Text

  • From his prison cell, a man is writing the story of his. Since he will die the next day, he wants to set the record it
  • From the day he is born, he is mild and kind. He loves animals and has lots of them.His favorite animal companion is his dog.
  • Before long, he gets married. His wife loves animals too, and have a humongous, all black, super-smart cat named Pluto.
  • One night, the narrator comes home from partying completely drunk. Thinking Pluto didn't want to hang out with him, he grabs the cat and cuts his eye out with a pen-knife.
  • One morning, not long after the eye-gouging, the man is overcome with a perverse impulse. He hangs Pluto from a tree in his garden, murdering him.
  • That night, the night of the murder,the man's housecatches fire and burns down. Only the man, his wife, and one servant are left alive.