chapter 4
Updated: 5/8/2020
chapter 4

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  • For fives days the ghost don't leave this room, he gave up the point of the blood in the library, he was very tired and weak....
  • When he roamed in the house he think it was a good idea to oiled his chains for make no sounds.
  • Twins became more and more annoying they stretched string in the corridor wich did the ghost tripped....and once ....
  • HIHI It works too he slipp on this butter this ghost he's very stupid.
  • The twins start to be very annoying for the ghost so he had prepared a big event for there ....
  • Hmmmm?
  • The door of the twins room was open this is a big opportunity for him!
  • You have see the jug of water, haven't you ?
  • The ghost give up all hope of ever frighten the family and the twins frighten him. This night the ghost was looking about any traces of the blood-stain...
  • 19th Saturday2:15 am
  • And like as usual the ghost back to his room the most quickly possible....