The Dangers of Hubris
Updated: 6/11/2020
The Dangers of Hubris
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  • Jess
  • The Dangers of Hubris
  • Milly
  • Jax
  • Elliot
  • Leo
  • Five teens out on an adventure, this being Jax's idea. Elliot doesn't want to be here, but Leo, Jess, and Milly do. After wandering through the woods, they find a dark tunnel and decide to go through it.
  • Milly starts getting nervous once they get to the other side of the cave and discover a wooden bridge, as she's afraid of heights. She decides to turn around and go home. Jax ridicules her and further takes the lead.
  • "What a wimp! I'll take the lead."
  • On the other side of the bridge, the four remaining teens discover a graveyard. Elliot trips into an open grave and decides to leave, but Jax tries to pressure him to stay.
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  • With only three remaining in their group, the teens continue through the graveyard to what appears to be an abandoned house. Leo and Jess are reluctant to go inside, but Jax urges them to go inside. As each member left the group, Jax got more and more cocky and arrogant in himself and his bravery.
  • "I guess I'm the bravest. then!"
  • "Jax…"
  • Reluctantly following Jax, Jess and Leo enter the house. Inside they see Jax paralyzed with fear, falling to his death into a bricked hole in the ground. Floating above him was a poltergeist!
  • "Trespassers... You should not have come here. Heed your friends' dire consequences and leave. Now!"
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