Updated: 9/8/2021

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  • Back then when I was in elementary everything was perfect. It was like the best time of my life as a kid, I had the best of my friends who always at my back. The joy I felt was permanent but a single decision ruined it all
  • I thought my life was perfect but suddenly my parents got divorced because my father got into an affair with his co-worker. I was given to pick whether my mom or my dad to stay in and continue my education, and I chose my mom ,and that decision affected me as a daughter, yet we moved to other places to stay in. Unfortunately, I lost my friends and my happiness from the place I lived before
  • As I moved with my mother, I finished my elementary and started a journey in high school. Though happiness here is temporary, no one in the campus is interested to be friends with me nor no one knows if I exist. Standing alone here made be depressing and fragile, everyone makes fun and bully me because of my identity and background