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Updated: 5/18/2020
psychology story board

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  • Are you even listening to me? its like we cant talk anymore, i cant stand it!
  • god is she still talking? shes so irritating maybe if i keep blanking her she'll stop bothering me
  • i feel like you just never have time for me!! we don't even talk all we do is argue!! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?
  • Id be justified in leaving! we're clearly not happy anymore WHY DON'T I LEAVE IF IM THE PROBLEM!!
  • Im really better by myself i enjoy the freedom you know? i mean it i think this is probably it for us.
  • The social phase
  • you can do wayyyy better than him
  • maybe don't be too quick to jump to conclusions though he did make you happy in the past maybe just talk to him calmly?