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Solution 3 MBIRPart2
Updated: 5/4/2020
Solution 3 MBIRPart2
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  • 1. Our group picked substitution and after trying it out we felt like it worked pretty well.
  • 4. So do you now think substitution is the best method for this system?
  • 2. You can substitute for either x or y pretty easy but we decided to do y
  • 7. I actually don't because when you do substitution you get kinda of a messy equation and that was hard
  • 5. Yeah I do
  • 9. I thought we were always suppose to eliminate when the two equations are in standard form?
  • 3. We felt like substitution was a good choice it because it was easy to get y by itself in the second equation
  • 6. Does everyone in the group agree with John?
  • 3. How did you pick which variable to eliminate?
  • 7. Yeah I just like elimination and I do think it is easier
  • 1. So we had elimination and personally I picked it because that's the method I always use when both equations are in standard form
  • 2. We also thought elimination was easy because you just had to change one of the equations.
  • 4. We actually did both - they are both pretty easy
  • 5. Do you think elimination is easy than substitution? Because I thought substitution was better
  • 6. Remember that for everyone system we can use any of the methods. Some of us might find one method easier than another and that's okay.
  • 1. So we picked graphing, since we spent a lot of time on the graphing I knew that I could graph the equations.
  • 6. I like to check my answers with graphing - only though if I have my calculator and desmos
  • 3. Yeah I agree after we solved this system using graphing I decided it wasn't the best way, just because I think it is hard to graph equations in standard form
  • 7. Sometimes I find it hard figure out in a line is actually going through a point a graph
  • 8. Yeah Ella is right you had to distribute when you substituted, which maybe some people might not like
  • 5. I think if both equation were solved for y. I think that's called slope intercept, it would be easier to graph
  • 4. Are there some systems of equations where graphing would be easier?
  • 2. I feel like graphing would be really hard if you didn't have a ruler or a graph paper
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