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Rasin in the Sun - Story borad
Updated: 4/9/2019
Rasin in the Sun - Story borad
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  • The Younger family is living in the small house. Walter's son, Travis have to sleep on the sofa, because there is not enough beds to share. Walter asks his wife about $10,000 for liquior store, which is mama's money. Ruth doesn't accept it, because it's mama's money not their's.
  • Ruth and Mama realized that she is a pregnant, but Walter didn't respect Ruth, so they fight each other and Walter. Mama bought Travis a house with that money, so Walter once again loses his hope and goes out of the house.
  • Mama finally change her mind, and gives the rest of money that mama saved. $3500 for business and $3000 for Benetha's medical school. Walter and whole family was very happy, because they will going to live in the new house.
  • Bobo came to Walter to talk about the business that they will start, but Bobo's face was not good. He said willy brough all the money that they gave. Walter suddenly lost his mind. He told mama that he use all the money that she gaved including money for Benetha's medical school. Mama falls down to the ground and called god's name for help.
  • Walter starts to call the white man that complained for moving into white people's town. His plan was to get money from white man. However mama persuade him to reject money and gain hope for American dreams without money that came from bad reason. He agreed and he reject. The younger family finally gains hope for American dream.
  • Younger family starts to pack things together for a new house. Ruth shouts out with joyful voice. Walter and mama looks very happy. They also brings their plants that represents hope.
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