super ero story
Updated: 3/28/2019
super ero story
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levey lightning

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  • The day I got my powers 
  • 3 YEARS LATER...
  • Turn that blasted thing off!
  • sorry miss
  • Toxic powder
  • HES GONE!!
  • when I was 12 I was walking outside to get something from the garden. I hoped over the metal fence but when my hands were on the fence I was struck by lightning and got lightning powers from it.
  • Hand it over
  • DAD!!
  • Help me
  • I was sitting in English wondering off. When my watch started to beep. I quickly turned it off and ran into the bathroom. I threw up a glass orb and transformed into Levey Lightning.
  • Caged in.
  • My plan has worked perfectly. I have been planning this since you first got your powers, and now finally it has come true!
  • I raced over to the chemical museum where the stress signal was coming from. But when I got there it was too late. D.r Sletherss had to take the toxic powder and left 4 people hurt.
  • Its over
  • I went over to the water main water pipes and found him. My dad. Holding a man captive. He caught me in a cage as soon as I walked in.
  • Come on Levey can't be that hard for my little girl.
  • I was stuck in this cage watching him pour the black powder into the water pipes. Until I had had enough. I broke out of the cage!
  • you will never get away with this! AHHHHHH!!!
  • parts of the cage came flying down on my dad. I zapped him with lightning and broke the pipes open. The city was safe again.
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