Updated: 6/20/2021

Storyboard Text

  • In the middle east, was a football match with red vsing blue. It was the last point and whoever gets it will win the match. Everyone was very competitive and ready to fight.
  • Suddenly, the blue goalie fell of unconsciousness and nobody noticed except the blue player beside him.
  • While blue goalie is still on the ground feeling unconscious, one of the red players charges towards the goalie with the ball and didn't stop even when the referee blew the whistle. The blue player beside him felt the need to save the ball from the goal even if he gets hurt.
  • Red took a shoot but the blue player beside the goalie suddenly jumped up to the ball, blocking the ball from the goal. The hard kick from the red player made the blue player unconscious as well and fell beside their blue goalie.
  • The game was still on, the block from the blue player was powerful enough to reach to the middle court, where one of his teammate is.
  • The blue player 's teammate dribbled the ball to red's goal and shot it right past the goalie and scored the final point. Everyone stood up to their feet and started clapping for blue. Even when both the goalie and the blue player got hurt, their still managed to beat their opponent with the help of the blue player's sacrifice.