A Story of my Life
Updated: 2/3/2021
A Story of my Life

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By Jago Wickersham

Storyboard Text

  • Music had a big affect on me and helped me recognise the beauty in diversity
  • And eventually evolved into a very opinionated person
  • ... which is why no matter how many times you flip a coin the outcome is still 50/50!
  • And my opinions is why I know the weirdest information
  • There is a theory that was proposed by Emile Borel, that suggest that with enough time a monkey jumping around on a keyboard could eventually type out Shakespeares full text word for word. This is known as the infinite monkey theorem
  • Anywho, back to earth 616
  • That was my short summary of my life and influences. I can't wait to hear yours
  • I hope you enjoyed. See you next time!