Updated: 6/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • he is a demon called Sala he is the prinice of the demon life he likes to play with his bats and his favourite subject is spells and death. he wants to go to the how to be a king school and become the king of demon when his dad dies.He also has a pet bat that helps him bite humans to survive.
  • the guy that is kneeling is the prince of the ninja he is also going to how to be a king school his name is wudoo his favourite thing to do is to run around the woods with out anyone konwing one day he will be the king of the ninjas
  • trim is one of the princes in the fairy kingdom he really wants to be the next king but he has to impress the king and beat his other brothers to be the king that is why he is going in to how to be a king school.
  • she is the founder of how to be a king school and th