Storyboard fairytale
Updated: 6/24/2020
Storyboard fairytale
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  • once upon a time there was three prince wants to be king when there father retire but they don't know how to be a good king so thy are going to how to be a king school. but the thing they don't know is they have to be worthy and have friendship to go to learn how to be a king and have to past a lot of challenges to got to the school
  • while,At the school of how to be a king she was waiting for the kids to come but she knew that it will take them days to come to the school because before they can come to the school to learn they to work togeather to past there first test.she has a feeling that they will make it to the school and not fail or die sadly and she also has a feeling one day they would be great kings
  • this was there first challenge they had to past this to go to the how to be a king school they needed to be smart they needed to work together and help peopleon the way.
  • I thought we were going to the how to be a king school ?
  • me too I think we have to pass this go to the school
  • they walked together and talk to each other about why they want to be king they also learned more about each others power and talent.In the way they also helped a lot of people in the maze.
  • this way boi!
  • thanks!
  • how to be a king school. Ghost.
  • where is this leading to?
  • after a long time of walking they where at there final test the furnace they needed all there power combined to pass this and once they finish they would be true kings!
  • charge! go!splash!dash!AAAA!
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