Chinese life: social classes&family
Updated: 3/3/2021
Chinese life: social classes&family

Storyboard Text

  • we are known as...merchants we live in small towns like these and give goods and services to the aristocrats.
  • We are most known as the artisans...who create useful objects like iron,tools, ans weapons
  • I am known as one of the farmers... we farmers live in rural villages surrounded by mud walls and we also grow crops.
  • we are the aristocrats we own large estates/houses and have also lived in the tile-roofed houses.
  • the relation ship between us (parent and kid) may be hard but....i have to take care of my children as they are young and they have to listen to me and soon enough they will have to take care of me when i get older and i have to listen to them.
  • men and woman have different characteristics and different rules to do. No matter what gender we are we have to respect each other. As men work the woman stays at home and takes care of the family!