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Survival Of The Fittest
Updated: 3/11/2019
Survival Of The Fittest
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  • We all know of the African animal called the antelope - but how have they been alive for so long? Antelopes are sought-after prey from predators, after all.
  • it's simple; their speed. However, some antelopes are faster than others. This will come into play later.
  • This naive lion hasn't eaten in 2 days, and is getting desperate. He spots the antelopes, and thus the chase begins.
  • The chase is on! The lion is barely at their tails as they try to run away. However, one antelope was faster than the other...
  • One of the antelopes is too fast for this lion. However, the other antelope was not fast enough and was caught.
  • if it hadn't been for the antelope's fast speed, the lion might've walked away with two antelopes to feed his pride.
  • Looks like he found a mate at the watering hole! Since he is one of the fastest, he will pass off his fast genes to his offspring.
  • This will give his offspring a higher chance of survival, and if they survive long enough for mating, they will pass off their even faster genes to their offspring.
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