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Contents of the dead man´s pocket
Updated: 3/25/2020
Contents of the dead man´s pocket
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  • Exposition
  • ¡Goodbye!
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Tom Benecke decides to stay in the living room of his eleventh-floor apartment in New York City instead of going out to the movies with his wife. He prefers to work on a very important project to get more money in his job. It´s very hot inside so he opens the window.
  • Falling Action
  • As soon as he closes the door, a current of warm air enters from the hallway. Suddenly a yellow sheet flew out of the window. It isn´t any sheet of paper, this paper has the result of two months of research and observation. So now he has to decide whether he goes out to retrieve it or not.
  • Resolution
  • The paper is stucked in the corner between his apartment and the next one. It's a very hard and risky task but he considers it´ll be worth. He reaches the corner and stoops down to pick up the paper. He almost looses his balance because he´s terrified by the situation.
  • Different Ending
  • Now he is back at the window but it´s closed. He isn´t scared anymore but he can´t stop thinking about this difficult situation. He tries to get the attention of the people across the street but nobody sees him. Finally he punches through the glass and gets inside the living room.
  • Now that he is inside, he puts the paper at the table with a pencil above. He´s now prepared to go out when he sees the paper flying out again. He laughs and decides to go out to meet his wife. He didn´t care about the paper anymore.
  • Now it´s friday morning, Tom is at his boss´s office ready to present his great idea. His boss reads it and gives Tom a lot of congratulations. He has now received a raise in the company and his idea is going to start working in the next weekend.
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