Ionian Revolt and Victory at Marathon
Updated: 1/27/2020
Ionian Revolt and Victory at Marathon
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Storyboard Description

Aristagoras fails to conquer Naxos and decides to insight a revolt before he is removed from his position. King Darius attacks Eritrea and gets stopped at Marathon by General Miltiades.

Storyboard Text

  • G, ya think?
  • I do believe I screwed the pooch on my attempt to annex Naxos.
  • Next he'll say he invented bacon.
  • If I start a revolt, perhaps I could save my bacon.
  • Quiet, you.
  • King Darius, Aristagoras fled after his treachery.
  • Where is that fool, Pythagoras?
  • You know what? I'm so angry, I could appoint a mathematician as his successor.
  • Get the horses watered so we can burn Marathon like we did Eretria!
  • Fool, what did I just say?
  • But King Darius, aren't we a little exposed out in the open?
  • Fool, you ain't dead yet?
  • Wow my King can make it look like his voice is coming from a horses butt. Best ventriloquist, ever.
  • Hey King Darius, is this why they say it's a Marathon not a sprint?
  • General Miltiades, we are victorious. The Marathon continues...
  • Who are you Nipsey Hussle? I Generaled the heck out of those Persians.
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