A christas carol chapter 5 scenes
Updated: 2/8/2020
A christas carol chapter 5 scenes

Storyboard Description

1 scene: rich people 2 scene: poor people 3 scene: Old Joe 4 scene: Scrooge death 5 scene:Tiny Tim Death 6 scene: Scroog's Grave

Storyboard Text

  • Oh he is Finally dead
  • When did he die
  • Bank
  • last night i think
  • Oh i am poor i do not have money
  • HaHaha give me all your money
  • Oh you did well madam and you ill make a fortune one day
  • I musst think of my my self,like him. He was a selfish old miser.I cleaned his room and his clothes I worked very hard for him but he never gave me anything. I wated to take more but the house keper took them before me
  • Spirit I see and undetand this could happen to me
  • Oh my little crippled boy I need you
  • Spirit!Oh No No! lisen,i have changed i will not be the same as before.Tellme there is still hope please!tell me that if I chnge my life the things that you have shown me will be different.
  • Ebenezer scrooge lies here