The miracle worker act 1 scene 7
Updated: 10/4/2018
The miracle worker act 1 scene 7
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  • In the beginning of this scene it started with Annie arrives to the Keller's house. They welcomed her in and started talking about Helen.
  • In this scene it started off with Annie teaching Helen language because it was the first things she was going to teach Helen 
  • D. O. L. L . Doll
  • This is a continuation of the lat cell box. after Annie teaches Helen sign language. In his part Annie gives Helen a key to represent trust between the both of them.
  • "(But rounding from the mirror she sees the door slam, Helen and the doll are on the outside, and HELEN is turning the key in the lock. ANNIE darts over, to pull the knob, the door is locked fast. She yanks it again )"
  • "(Upstairs ANNIE meanwhile rattles the knob,kneels,peers through the keywhole, gets up. She goes to the window, looks down, frowns. JAMES from the yard sings gaily up to her:)"
  • BOY'S VOICE: It hurts. Annie, it hurts FIRST CRONE'S VOICE: Keep the brat shut up, cant you, grille, how's a body get any sleep in this damn ward? BOY'S VOICE: It hurts. It hurts. SECOND CRONE'S VOICE: Shut up, you! BOY'S VOICE: Annie, when are we goin' home? You promised! ANNIE: Jimmie----------- BOY'S VOICE: Forever and ever, you said forever--------
  • While Annie was in the room she was hearing voices and this was towards the end of scene
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