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English StoryBoard
Updated: 3/27/2019
English StoryBoard
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Borrowed power inspired by g.o.h. Mason Yu

Storyboard Text

  • As Mason Yu was walking down the street to school, he saw nothing. Absolutely nothing. There were no fights, even though fights were common in his school, for there was a thing called borrowed power.
  • Borrowed power was power borrowed or used and taken by from the 'gods.' Mason's borrowed power was copy cat and super strenght. He could copy other people's borrowed powers and he could amplify his strenght. This was why his eyes were red, like the sharingan from Naruto. Cause of his power he was one of the most powerful people in the school. He didn't like showing it though. He only used his borrowed power whenever it was needed.
  • His best friend Jason, met up with him. Jason's power was mind reading and amplifying and manipulating other's and his speed. He was thinking about his borrowed power and how he could use it to cheat on a test but then, the lights suddenly flickered off. He thought it was suspicious so he quickly made up an excuse to get out of class and to 'use the restroom.' Jason did the exact same thing. They wandered around the school until they found the generator. The two of them, mustering up their courage, they opened up the generator room dorr. Nothing. There was absolutely nothing inside. Not even the generator machines.
  • The familiar voice was his sister's! She said "Step away from the door and put your hands up." Mason and Jason turned around and saw Madison, Mason's sister and Elizabeth, Jason's sister, standing together with their borrowed powers activated. Elizabeth's power was that she can manipulate metal. Madison's borrowed power was that she had extra brain power and she had super speed and mediocre strenght. It was not looking too good for Mason and Jason because since the lockers were made up of metal, Elizabeth could control the lockers. As they began fighting, Jason let Mason attack first while he activated his borrowed power to give Mason an advantage in speed.
  • After 37 minutes, the fight was over. There was over a million dollars in school property damage and 2 people were knocked out cold. As the remaining two people walked out, the lights flickered back on. The two people were giving each other noogies, they celebrated and shouted outloud. Apparently Madison and Elizabeth wanted to destroy the school cause it was April 1st and they were very intelligent
  • Mason and Jason went off to the park, celebrating their victory, even though the sisters weren't trying :D THE END
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