Updated: 2/9/2020
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  • Cassio, mine wife desdemona and I wilt beest leaving to celebrate our marriage, recall to guard the lodging and practice self restraint.
  • good morrow to you, sir Iago its time for us to guard the lodging.
  • Not yet, the general god rid of us to beest with his wife, I don't censure that gent she's quite quaint. a good wish upon you to those folk!
  • fie within this wall of flesh, there is a soul that counts thee its creditor. lest I not much of a drinker i've already hadst one glass of wine tonight concluded, be it.
  • cometh with me lieutenant Cassio, alloweth has't a drinketh to toast to the general.
  • a valorous soldier that gent doth drink way too much and lest I worried.
  • Othello has just arrived to Cyprus and he's going to go celebrate with his wife Desdemona.
  • Too lacking valor the moor hath chosen someone with a drinking problem. I would I could holp.
  • I've hadst too much to drinketh i must receiveth back to worketh!
  • Iago arrives to help guard with Cassio.
  • Don't hitteth that gent thou art a lieutenant! thou art malt-worm!
  • alloweth me wend our i'll knock thee out!
  • How didst this befall Michael Cassio! thou art supposed to beest halcyon and collected. What madeth thee risk thy reputation like this??
  • Iago convinces Cassio to have a drunk. This is a part of Iago's plan to get Cassio drunk to cause trouble.
  • General Othello I've been seriously hurt. Iago can tell you everything that happened it hurts for me to talk I should save my breath.
  • Cassio becomes intoxicated and leaves. Iago tells Montano that Cassio has a drinking problem. Montano suggests that something is done about Cassio's drinking problem.
  • Roderigo enters and Iago points him to Cassio. Cassio then chases Roderigo across the stage threatening to beat him. Montano tries to hold Cassio back, but Cassio ends up stabbing Montano. A bell is then rung which alerts Othello.
  • Othello arrives and demands to know what happened. Montano says he's in too much pain to speak and insists that Iago tells the story.
  • Please excuse me sir I Can't speak
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