odysseus book 11 kingdom of the dead edit
Updated: 5/11/2020
odysseus book 11 kingdom of the dead edit
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  • '"Royal son of Laertes, Odysseus, master of exploits, man of pain, what now, what brings you here forsaking the light of day to see this joyless kingdom of the dead? Stand back from the trench,....so I can drink the blood and tell you the truth."' pg 177
  • ".'..at Thrinacia Island, flees the cruel blue sea.There you will find them grazing,herds and fat flocks, the cattle of Helios,god of the sun who sees all, hears all things.Leave the beasts unharmed, your mind set on home,and you all may still reach Ithaca—bent with hardship,true—but harm them in any way, and I can see it now:your ship destroyed, your men destroyed as well...'" pg 178
  • '"A sweet smooth journey home, renowned Odysseus, that is what you seek, but a god will make it hard for you-I know-you will never escape the one who shakes the earth..."' pg 177
  • ‘"Mother—why not wait for me? How I long to hold you!—so even here, in the House of Death, we can fling our loving arms around each other, take some joy in the tears that numb the heart.'" pg 181
  • "'But you must long for the daylight. Go, quickly.Remember all these things so one day you can tell them to your wife.'" pg 181
  • "And so we both confided, trading parting words,and there slowly came a grand array of women,all sent before me now by august Persephone,and all were wives and daughters once of princes." pg 181
  • What has happened to you Agamemnon?
  • "...forward marched the shade of Atreus’ son Agamemnon,fraught with grief and flanked by all his comrades,.." pg 187
  • My comrades and I were killed at the hands of my own accursed wife!
  • "With that he turned and back he went to the House of Death but I held fast in place, hoping others might still come,shades of famous heroes, men who died in the old days and ghosts of an even older age I longed to see,..." pg 195
  • Powerful Heracles?
  • Yes it is I, famed Odysseus. I too have come here once as a mortal man. I had come here to get the three headed hound of the Underworld as one of my 13 tasks.
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