Jen and Jade Recruitment
Updated: 2/22/2021
Jen and Jade Recruitment

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  • Nouvelle France fille du roi recruitment video
  • What is another great thing about nouvelle france other than the husbands?
  • The maternity ward, at hotel dieu, there are places specifically for women to give birth.
  • How bad are the winters?
  • They are long, harsh and dark, it is preferable to be a village girl and strong otherwise you might catch a cold and death was very common.
  • How did getting a husband work?
  • Well every so often a young man would come and ask for (usually) a village girl and I would get to ask him questions like, what was their financial situation, land and profession. So I got to pick a husband that was well off so life was easier.
  • What happened when you arrived in nouvelle France?
  • I was brought to a dormitory style building and taught practical skills and chores. For me, it took around 4 to 5 months but if you were around the age of 14-16 it took a little over 15 months
  • Are you better off here than in France?
  • It is wonderful, after so many wars, my chances of getting husband were getting lower and lower, especially since I didn't stop aging. People are also much chipper and upbeat about their future here.