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Photosynthesis vs Cellular Respiration
Updated: 11/11/2020
Photosynthesis vs Cellular Respiration
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  • Photosynthesis vs Cellular Respiration
  • Today Class we will be learning about Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration and we are going to focus on their similarities and differences
  • Energy
  • What is energy?
  • Photosynthesis
  • Light Independent Reactions is a series of enzyme catalyzed chemical reactions that converts Carbo Dioxide into sugar using energy delivered from ATP, electrons and hydrogen ions donated from NADPH
  • Light Reactions are when water gets split up inside the chloroplast and its electrons are now in energy carriers
  • Cellular Respiration
  • Glycolysis : Sugars are split to make a 3 carbon compound called pyruvate Result in 2 useful molecules of ATP and 2 of NADH
  • Oxidative Phosphorylation: During this process the chemical energy of NADH and FADH2 is converted into the chemical energy of ATP, while electrons and hydrogen atoms removed from NADH and FADH2 are handed over to Oxygen creating water.
  • Has anybody ever wondered what energy is. Energy is the capacity of something to be able to do work. We all need energy so that we can maintain homeostasis, grow, move and reproduce. Energy cannot be made or destroyed only converted . Metabolism describes all of the chemical reactions that occur inside living cells.
  • Similarities
  • Similarities:Both involve moving electrons Enzyme catalyzed steps that are highly strict They both also use Substrate
  • Photosynthesis is a process plants use to convert solar energy into chemical energy. This process uses Carbon Dioxide and water to make glucose. There are two stages of photosynthesis called light reactions and light independent reactions. This process is also anabolic which means it creates a complex molecule from simpler compounds.
  • Differences
  • Differences: Photosynthesis makes glucose and Cellular Respiration breaks glucose downCellular Respiration is a catabolic metabolic pathway and Photosynthesis is a anabolic metabolic pathway Photosynthesis happens in plants and Cellular Respiration happens in Living things
  • Cellular Respiration is a process in which the conversion of chemical energy in glucose plus oxygen to make lots and lots of ATP. This process has three stages called Glycolysis, Krebs cycle, and Oxidative Phosphorylation. This process is catabolic because it releases chemical energy in the process of breaking down complex molecules.
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  • Krebs Cycle : is an enzyme driven reaction the pyruvate made in glycolysis is broken down releasing Carbon Dioxide and producing large amounts of ATP,NADH, FADH2.
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  • Some similarities photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration have
  • Some differences photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
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