Updated: 1/29/2021

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  • Nick is bringing in daisy for some tea without knowing gatsby is here...
  • She's here
  • come in and go upstairs
  • well thank you and okay?
  • Gatsby! your your here
  • wow she's beautiful
  • Hey Daisy how have you been
  • Oh Gatsby
  • uhh...
  • Daisy I still love you
  • Do you still love me
  • I'm sorry Gatsby I'm married now and I have a kid
  • But I'm rich now just for you
  • Daisy ran crying to the bathroom after she heard Gatsby say He loves her still
  • I still love him
  • What am I going to do?! He's everything I asked for
  • After Mr.Klipspringer plays the piano him and Nick gives Daisy and Gatsby alone time
  • We will leave you two alone
  • Gatsby I still love you and I always will
  • I need to marry her
  • Daisy you made me the happiest man alive!!