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Early humans
Updated: 10/14/2019
Early humans
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  • Aah, the stone age. This was a time where humans started making nifty tools to use. The first tools were made 3.4 million years ago.
  • The homo- habilis were the first group of hominins. They are responsible for making the 1st tools.
  • I did it! I made a thing. I will call it '"speujsndncn". Scrap that, I will call it spear!
  • People say that before homo habilis humans, humans were actually apes. In my religion, I don't believe this but I guess people are allowed to think this.
  • *indistinct noises*
  • Hunter Gathers hunted food for their tribes. They ate fish, nuts, berries, eggs, and plants. Eventually they learned to grow their own food.
  • RIP
  • Hunter gatherers stayed in caves after they hunt but only temporarily. They moved wherever the food went. If there were no caves, they would build temporary shelters made of animal skins, branches, and leaves.
  • Because you didn't catch anything?! How many times do we have to tell you?
  • During tough times, early humans painted to lighten the mood. They possibly did this to bring success when hunting or maybe contacting the spirit world.
  • How come I don't get a stone to sit on? The ground is so cold!
  • My best plan yet... I'll paint animals to make sure we succeed in hunting. "That won't work", they said. "You're crazy', they said.
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