Science pt 2
Updated: 1/15/2020
Science pt 2
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  • Wow Jaden thats alot but it was really interesting!
  • Can't disagree with you there!
  • Sure Can!
  • Well Jaden, I guess the last things is relating particle theory to the motion of paticles in solid, liquid and gas which btw are 3 states of matter.
  • I guess you can help me with that then.
  • So as we learned All matter is made of particles. thatggrelates because all three states of matter have particles which you can see in a microscopeParticles have space between them that relates because solids liquids and gas all have space between them solids are compacted so the particles are really close , liquids have a flow so they have enough space that the particle can slide over eachother and gas has lots of space because its everywhere in our air!
  • I think I got the rest Particles are always moving this relates because when we heat them the particles move fasterParticles move faster and get farther apart when heated this relates because if we melt a ice cube the particles spread further apart making it liquidParticles are attracted to each other this relates because this is why solids are so compacted
  • Jaden you are really getting the hang of this!
  • I know!
  • Well I'm going to the library see you later Jaden!
  • Well bye Alexa have a fun time!
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