dos historia
Updated: 1/24/2020
dos historia
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  • chlorophyll, which gives gives a plant its green color by absorbing red light and blue-violet light, is also found in the chloroplast. IN photosynthesis enzymes are used to break down carbon dioxide and water to release oxygen and glucose.
  • the glucose and oxygen from this reaction is then used in cellular respiration to produce ATp, carbon dioxide and water. the ATP is a usable source of energy used to transport materials, fuel chemical reactions, and eliminate waste. the carbon dioxide and water produced can also be then again used as raw materials in the process of photosynthesis, -with the addition of light enegy- thus creating a cycle.
  • the Mendes virus effects the enzymes used in the processes mentioned before. if it effects photosynthesis enzymes , photosynthesis cannot occur anymore meaning that no oxygen would be produced so that your body could use it in cellular respiration. to simply put it, this virus kills will kill us no matter what we do.
  • so if we are going to die whats the point of even being here?!!
  • well we promised peace and quiet and those are all the things you will have when you die here.
  • the first batch of people have already entered the land of serenity which includes 13 year old jessica, 14 year old shaniqua, and 16 year old justin.
  • This scared Mackenzie alot.
  • goodbye mackenzie! hope you've finally found peace.
  • I knew this place was sketchy. Why would my parents send me here? Did they know what these people's objective was?
  • That must've been the boy... Justin. I didn't even get to introduce my self to him. Suddenly I felt dizzy and felt like there was not enough energy for my heart to continue pumping.
  • you guys are crazy!!!!!
  • And that was the end of 14 year old Mackenzie Baker's life.
  • im-im dying.
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