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Shlomo 1
Updated: 3/10/2019
Shlomo 1
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  • King Shlomo
  • Hashem
  • I can't believe Shlomo, he is being a disgrace to his father. He has way too many horses, and way to many riches.
  • Shlomo also has about 1000 wives from other nations. And he lets them bow to idols. This is causing him to believe in me less.
  • I must punish him for his sins. His family will loose the kingship, but not during the time of Shlomo's rule in the merit of the wonderful king David. It will be during the time of his son's rule. However his family will still rule over 2 tribes: Benjamin, and Yehuda. I will also send 3 enemies.
  • My name Hadad and I am from Edom. I am the first enemy the Hashem sent to punish King Shlomo. When Yoav destroyed Edom and killed everyone, I was one of the only survivors. I ran to Egypt the Pharaoh gave me a house and one of his daughters to marry. But now that David is dead I want to return and cause trouble.
  • My name is razon. I am the second enemy that Hashem sent to punish King Shlomo. And I have gathered followers in Damascus and made myself the king.
  • I am Yirvaam. I am the servant of King Shlomo, and my job is to collect taxes. I am the third enemy Hashem sent to punish King Shlomo. I am going rebel against Shalom because he caused traffic by building a palace for one of his wives on the main road.
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