Updated: 11/22/2019

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Man! Are you ready for the next ghost story?
  • Huh...What?(cough,cough)
  • I asked if you were ready for the next story. Are you feeling okay?
  • Okay man. But be careful. It's dark
  • Yeah I'm fine. Actually I really have too pee.
  • Aaahh. I haven't had a smoke in almost an hour!
  • psst
  • Are you sure you okay man? That was a pretty long bathroom break.
  • ok jees. I was just asking.
  • Yeah I'm fine. Now could you stop acting like my mom.
  • You know smoking is just asking for death to knock on your door,right?
  • Your eyes look a little red man.
  • No. You're just seeing things
  • I'm just saying smoking can kill you whenever it wants. It's just waiting to attack.
  • I know,I know okay? Just leave me alone. I'm heading to bed now. Good night.