World history Jacques Cartier
Updated: 1/22/2020
World history Jacques Cartier
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  • Jacques Cartier
  • Background on Jacques Cartier
  • Canada before France claiming it
  • By Sean Gripp
  • What he did
  • Cartier(1491-1557) was a very well known navigator that mainly searches in the hopes to find gold and other precious metals. He was trained just north west of Paris and he made his first well known voyage in 1534.
  • Application of GRAPES
  • Known for the eastern coast it was a hot spot for fishermen on the ocean waters. But there was never a need for anyone to go anymore inland than the coast.
  • Was his impact positive or negative?
  • Cartier was looking for a passage from coast to coast through america. He discovered the Entire St. Laurence water system and a very important trading route for the french to america in the fur trade. This gave Canada it's french background.
  • Cartier's discoveries applies to GRAPES by helping geography and economics. It applies to geography because he discovered land for France. His discoveries applies to economics by finding a trade route for the french. Therefore, helping them get goods for/ from trading easier and faster.
  • His Impact was positive because he only did good things for France economic wise and later if it wasn't for him we might not have the country of Canada with its french background.
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