john the baptist
Updated: 8/17/2020
john the baptist

Storyboard Text

  • John Asks People To Ask For Forgiveness
  • Ask for forgiveness
  • John Didn't Have A Home
  • He Usually Ate Insects
  • John the Baptist became a preacher a told people to ask for forgiveness for the things that they have done wrong.
  • John Told Them He Is Not The One They Were Waiting For
  • What if John is the on we waited for
  • John the Baptist didn't have a home and most of the time he probably slept outside.
  • Jesus Came To Be Baptised
  • He would eat insects and locusts and he would find some wild honey to eat with the locusts.
  • Jesus Was Baptised
  • This is my son i love him and i am pleased with him
  • John overheard them saying what if John was the one they waited for and John said "I am baptising you now but someone greater then me will come".
  • I am baptising you now but very soon someone greater than me will come
  • One day Jesus came by to get a baptised John was so surprised, he said "how could I, just a regular man baptise Jesus, the saviour of the world," then Jesus replied "It's important that i do this now. I am ready and i want to be an example to others and show that it's important.
  • As soon as Jesus was baptised the sky cleared and the Holy Spirit flew down and landed on Jesus's shoulder then a voice from heaven said "this is my son I love him and I am pleased with him".