Updated: 4/8/2021

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • We are going to invade antioch! We shall take there things and make them ours!
  • Crusaders are planning the attack on antioch
  • Antioch moments before they would get attacked
  • Dont you just love how peaceful it is here?
  • Crusaders attacking antioch and eventually taking there land
  • AHHHHHHH!!!!!
  • Attack!!!!!!!!
  • 1 year after antioch, the crusaders are planning another attack on jerusalum.
  • Lets attack jerusalim just like we did last year! We shall take it over and become owners of there land.
  • Pope urban at the church. Muslims at church moments before the attack.
  • God bless us all!
  • Crusaders attacking there land and in the end, the muslims werent ready and the crusaders took there land
  • Charge!!!