Comic strip Id Ego and superego
Updated: 2/9/2020
Comic strip Id Ego and superego

Storyboard Text

  • Sam is a doctor. Sam and his brother, James were walking on the street when suddenly a car came in speed and hit James and another person.
  • Both people were unconscious, however the other individual was in a more critical state than James.
  • EGO
  • ID
  • Save James, he's your only younger brother, you will be resented forever if you don't. 
  • Sam doesn't know who to save, a voice tells him to save his brother
  • Save the person in danger, you're a doctor, think about your career and morals. The one in the more severe condition comes first. Leave your brother.
  • Sam still doesn't know what to do. Time is ticking.
  • I should save them both, as a doctor I must save all my patients. I must attend to the more severe patient first but I should also treat my brother at the same time..
  • Sam decides what he wants to do, he'll tend to the both of them, but he will pay more more attention to the severe patient.
  • Dr Sam begins to treat and tend to his patient. Meanwhile a doctor on her break witnesses the situation and approaches James to help him.
  • The ambulance should be here soon...
  • Both doctors become close mutuals, aswell as this, James and Sam maintain a closer relationship as brothers. Everyone was safe and smiling.
  • Without you both, doctors, one patient could've died and the other could've slept into coma. Thankyou for your service and quickthinking.
  • It is our duty, you're welcome.