Candy "Of Mice and Men"
Updated: 2/26/2020
Candy "Of Mice and Men"

Storyboard Text

  • Somebody
  • Wanted
  • But
  • Oh No! George is really gonna be mad.
  • Candy is an old person who is known as the "Swamper". He get's ran over because he is old and quiet and doesn't really stand up for himself.
  • So
  • Oh boy, Lennie sure has don it this time.
  • Candy wants to live the American Dream with George and Lennie of "living off the fatta the land". He doesn't want to stay at the ranch until he dies.
  • Then
  • But, Lennie did a bad thing.
  • Theme
  • Candy found Curley's wife dead in the barn and immediately got George.
  • Candy couldn't live the American Dream.
  • Because Lennie did a bad thing, George had to tell Candy that they could't live their American Dream.