Gateway Drug Project
Updated: 1/5/2021
Gateway Drug Project

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Micheal Waggoner's Story:

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  • Check out this blog, it talks about a guy named Micheal having problems with drug overdoses.
  • Aren't drugs in medicines? He could be very sick or something.
  • That is true, but you shouldn't take more than what was recomended by a doctor.
  • That makes sense, since they aren't really made for abusing.
  • Correct! However, their are some types of drugs that are for abusing. That may lead into drug addictions.
  • The five main drugs that can lead to addictions are inhalants, tobacco, vapes, alcohol, and marijuana. These are also called gateway drugs.
  • Their are various ways to take drugs. For Micheal, he used to smoke and drink it. Some people may even choose to inhale it, inject it in their body, and so forth.
  • If it's so bad for my body can I just stop?
  • It is hard for frequent drug users to stop. The drugs effects your social interests, hard to think properly, loss of motivation, and more.
  • Is their any other way to stop then? These sound really bad.
  • Yep, Micheal went to multiple programs and therapies that made him stop. If someone you know is in danger of drugs, you can call the SAMHA National Helpline.
  • Thanks! I'll be sure to take note of that in case.
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