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Rocky Cycle Project part 1
Updated: 2/18/2020
Rocky Cycle Project part 1
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Storyboard Text

  • Tectonic Plates Move
  • Hello!
  • Volcano erupts spewing lava
  • I'm meltiiiiiing!
  • Glacier/avalanche occurs
  • *rumble rumble*
  • Incoming! Wat-ch out below!
  • Rocky, the rock, was sunbathing when one day the gr-ound started moving. "Bam!" the tectonic plate under Rocky collided with another plate and he was soon ta-ken under ground.
  • Sand washes up on shore
  • Poor Rocky was then melted into magma. Where the t-ectonic plates collided formed a volcano. Rocky, in his liquid form, went up inside the volcano, and blasted o-ut. Rocky oozed down the side of the volcano and coo- led down becoming extrusive igneous rock.
  • Pressure occurs
  • I'm meltiiiiiiing!
  • When winter came around, Rocky and the volcano was covered with snow. He was relieved that it was cool for once. But then, so much snow built up to the point where the snow was pulled down by gravity. An avalanche occured and Rocky and some of his new friends were taken to a nearby lake. 
  • Magma is forced up
  • The lake carried Rocky and his friends to an ocean w-here they was washed up ashore. Rocky was glad that he could finally rest again and get himself a nice tan.
  • I can finally lay do-wn and rest! Phew
  • Over time, more washed up sand and pebbles piled on top of Rocky and created a sedimentary rock from all the pressure. Rocky felt big and strong. But then, after some more time, the big rock started to go under the Earth's surface and near the mantle. Here, Rocky melted and turned into magma again.
  • And like the beginning of his adventure, Rocky was t-aken to a nearby volcano. He rose up and prepared to blast out the top of the volcano but instead, he cooled off inside the volcano and became an intrusive igneo-us rock.
  • Look at my bea-utiful crystals!!!
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