English Comic Iman
Updated: 5/23/2020
English Comic Iman

Storyboard Text

  • The spread of the new virus was disastrous for the inhabitants of Slaughterville.
  • The government of Slaughterville enforced a mandatory quarantine for all citizens in order to get things under control.
  • Quarantine worked fine for a while. The spread of the virus was starting to be contained, and the citizens were supposedly safe.
  • ...However, the citizens soon started to get tired of being cooped up all day. Weeks had gone by with no sign of the quarantine ending.
  • In the third week, the government barred all windows so that citizens could not see what was outside. The civilians were not allowed to step outside. All necessities were delivered straight to their doorsteps.
  • Since the populace was unable to see what the government was doing outside, leaders started to become corrupt. They started to do things that would normally require public approval. One example is that the governor of Slaughterville began to illegally mine for oil in the sea bordering his city. The government was also deforesting the woodlands in their territory.
  • The government began to withhold medicine. They bribed all the doctors and only distributed medicine among the upper class of government officials and their families.